Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Be Indian: For Non-Indians

Note:  This is strictly information for non-Indian middle school students and is not meant to be racist.
This will teach you how to be Indian.  Just follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to Indian glory in no time.

1.  This is the first and most important step.  You seriously need to start considering your grades if you already haven't.  The Indians will not accept you if you have even one B+ on your report card.  A B+ is kind of like a bad word to Indian students.  So basically, START BUILDING YOUR GRADES, or you won't get much farther.  If you already have A's on your report card, great, you have a head start.

2.  If you pass the first step, then only can you come to this one.  This is a must.  YOU HAVE TO APPLY TO A SPECIALIZED HIGH SCHOOL.  The Indian community is always very gossipy and once they find out that you have applied to a specialized high school, then only will they start recognizing you as a fellow member in the middle school Indian society.  It is okay if you don't make it into that high school.

3.  This is the final step.  It is pretty straightforward.   All you need to do is be interested in whatever the Indian community is interested in your school.  If the Indian community is interested in Pokemon, then go ahead, buy a 3DS and start playing the newest or oldest Pokemon game( I don't really care ).  If the Indian community likes the NFL, then you better go on ahead and watch some football games and study up on
That is it, and remember to do these steps in order, or your screwed.  And please follow, +, and comment.